MEROL makes Dutch pop combined with 80’s disco influences. With her ruthless lyrics, she is a unique voice within the music scene by addressing topics as body positivity, sex and feminism. Put iconic costumes, interactive moments with the audience and self-mockery together and you have the thunderous live sensation called MEROL: an energetic powerhouse influenced by artists like Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer and Roísin Murphy. 


After releasing two acclaimed EPs and building a fearsome live reputation, SPRINTS’ debut album ‘Letter To Self’ is out there and not to be missed. Inspired by Savages, their sound matured into energetic and abrasive garage-punk, synthesising influences ranging from early Pixies, Bauhaus, Siouxsie Sioux, IDLES and LCD Soundsystem. The album is exhibiting their most vulnerable moments and imbuing their visceral garage-punk with a palpable sense of catharsis that we can all benefit from. As singer, guitarist and lead-songwriter Karla Chubb tackles her inner turmoil head-on, and uses her platform to address inequality and issues close to her heart. Women’s ongoing fight for bodily autonomy, struggles with self acceptance, identity, mental health struggles, sexuality and catholic guilt for example.

Bumble B. Boy

Bumble B. Boy is a fast-emerging art-punk artist and failed children's entertainer, pushing boundaries and pulling in shocked, awe-struck crowds with his unique blend of theatrics, storytelling and electric punk energy. If you’re looking for a musical rollercoaster ride to flip you on your head, take some surprising turns and bring you back safely to earth, then make sure you don’t miss this.

The Vices

The Vices deliver a contrasting mix of Britpop and surf rock. Imagine the love child of The Strokes and Cage the Elephant with a live energy reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. These are great names, but above all, The Vices are uniquely themselves. With childlike fun and deadly serious ambitions, they can play tight and explosive just as easily as they are playful and danceable.


Cherym belongs to the new-school queer rockers that has been on the rise in the past few years. Rooted in 90s rock, their resentless enthusiasm and boundless energy encapsulates who they are as people. Once started as a kick-back against a local music boy group, they now share the experiences as a sparkling, powerful liveband. 


Enter Zimmer90, a place of warmth and softness. Under a hefty layer of synths, bass, and electronic drums, the German electro-indie popduo creates light-hearted and optimistic music in which they combine their love for art, music, and architecture. “Sometimes we like to think of songs as spaces. Spaces created by music, that carry out countless possibilities.” If you haven’t heard of them yet from the viral TikTok hit ‘What Love is,’ you’re bound to soon because the band is gaining popularity at lightning speed. Fans of Tame Impala, Beach House, or Men I Trust: make sure to add Zimmer90 to your list.