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WIES is a Dutch pop trio based in Amsterdam, comprising Jeanne Rouwendaal, Tobias Kolk, and Dan Huijser. Their music blends influences from alternative rock and electronic genres, underscored by a strong Do It Yourself ethos. Their songs delve into both profound existential questions and the everyday concerns of young adults. Their debut album, Het is een WIES, was released in 2021 and featured standout singles like ‘Soms Is Het Te Laat’, ‘Barman’, and ‘Meisje’. In 2023, they followed up with their second album, Alles Anders, which delves deeper into themes of life and death, joy and sorrow, love and pain. It includes pivotal tracks such as their 3FM Megahit and StuBru Catch of The Day ‘Ik Zie Ik Zie’. A breezy pop band perfect to enjoy in the sun on Ketelhuisplein.



September 1 (Sun)


18:45 - 19:30

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