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Durry is a duo consisting of songwriter Austin – a millennial – and his sister Taryn, a Gen-Z. By joining forces, they show just how much the neighboring generations have in common. The immediate result of their musical partnership was the pop-punk/alternative anthem ‘Who’s Laughing Now’, which leads with wry, tongue-in-cheek lyrics about the futility of young adulthood. After posting an unfinished version of it on TikTok, it swiftly took off, galvanizing thousands of viewers who shared their coming-of-age frustrations. Invoking alternative, pop, and pop-punk influences such as Weezer, Sum 41, the White Stripes, and the Killers, their album Suburban Legend (2023), contains songs packed with energy, gumption, and razor-sharp lyricism that explores themes around suburbia, capitalism, mundanity, ambition, perseverance, passion, mental health — and Taco Bell. Regardless of where you are in life — city or suburbs, school or work, or pursuing a creative dream of your own — Durry will meet you there with a wink and a high five.



September 1 (Sun)



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