Mula B

Mula B, also known as the rapper from The Hague, is fiercely ambitious. Not only did he introduce the trap genre to the Netherlands with his own label, Wilde Westen, but his 2016 mixtape 'Drugs&Geld' has attained cult status and is still regarded as influential within the Dutch hip-hop scene. On his latest album 'Narcopop' (2023), he takes a completely different path and breaks all musical boundaries. The album combines trap and hip-hop with influences from pop, rock, and jazz, under a layer of exceptionally sharp lyrics that sometimes catch you off guard. Mula B elevates street life to pure art. No wonder that the album was chosen as the best Dutch hip-hop album of 2023 by Parool and made it into the top 10 album releases worldwide on Spotify.

Crystal Murray

This French-American musician knows how to expand the boundaries of neo-soul with taut. Her 2021 COLORS Studio performance was like a shimmering love letter to sisterhood. With her hypnotic cool and honeyed voice she sings about themes like messy relationships and vulnerability. 


With solid beats, hypnotic synths and coherent guitars, Gespuys brings alt-pop with strong, poetic lyrics. The duo knows how to make you dance to trauma, by speaking a familiar language that captures the absurdity of everyday life. 


Idaly Faal, better known as Idaly, is a Dutch-Gambian musician, producer, singer and rapper. During a workshop with Adje, he developed a great passion for music, resulting in a successful career. The versatile artist knows how to score hits as well as express his true self on tracks. In 2023, Idaly released two albums: 'Nachten Als Dit' and 'Betty' - the latter earned him an Edison Pop Award in the soul/r&b/funk category. 


The smell of cigarettes and high-end designer clothes in plastic fills the room. MILOLAATHETLUKKEN has arrived. With a modest attitude that is somehow mysteriously mean, the Amsterdam rapper takes us into the adventures of a style icon. The city center of Amsterdam, the night, money, new shoes. No features, just New York drill beats from youtube and from him.

Walt Disco

With a generous infusion of synths, punchy drums, and elements of glam rock/new wave, Scottish band Walt Disco could easily be mistaken for a product of the 1980s. The band is turning stages into a retro dance floors, delivering queer art-pop anthems that echo the style of David Bowie. They portray themselves as the band they longed for while growing up, emphasizing self-expression and self-love. Their newest cinematic glam ‘The Warping’ is enriched by classically trained orchestral musicians, and takes listeners on a journey of vulnerability and self-discovery while exploring themes of change, growth and gender dysphoria with radical honesty. 

Iskander Moon

Iskander Moon is the folk-pop project of singer-songwriter Iskander, who expresses his love through songs crafted behind ivory keys. Growing up next to the canal made him ponder the natural flow of life, which has influenced the songs he writes today, evoking a warm winter embrace. With the accompaniment of his warm tenor voice, he creates simple, sincere pop songs with catchy lyrics. Think Bon Iver, James Bay, or Tom Odell.

Debby Friday

After she was born in Nigeria, Debby Friday emigrated to Canada, where she discovered the sensual seduction of nightlife. She drifted from rave to party, from nightclub to basement, completely surrendered to the escapism of hard everyday life. With her multidisciplinary talent she creates the kind of danceable pop that the future is built on. Debby dares to look beyond the sadness and cruelty, and to celebrate the deep valleys that only make our highest peaks more beautiful. It provides a colorful sound palette, far beyond black and white thinking, and into the world of nuance.


By combining warm strings, synthesizers and her serene voice, Dutch singer-songwriter CHARLOT translates her thoughts into music. “How could one be afraid of something so lovely? Sometimes, the scariest things in life are the most special.” After opening for Froukje, Wende and playing Grasnapolsky and Popronde, CHARLOT is coming to steal our hearts at Hit The City. For fans of Regina Spektor, AURORA & Agnes Obel. 

Julia Sabaté

Julia Sabaté invites you to start on a mesmerizing journey through the depths of passion, emotion, and raw feelings. Originating from a small town in The Netherlands, yet deeply rooted in her Spanish heritage, she fearlessly sets out on a musical adventure to reconnect with her roots. Driven by her innate connection to emotions, cherished memories, and personal stories, Julia weaves together a compelling blend of pop, electronic, and hip-hop influences. Each composition a gateway to uncharted territories, empowering listeners with strength, energy, and above all, the courage to embrace their own emotions. She already played an aftershow for ROSALÍA, and is on her way to become the next big pop artist.