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Blue Bendy

Blue Bendy is a genre-defying band that embodies musical experimentation and bold creativity. Emerging from the vibrant Brixton Windmill scene, they effortlessly blend acoustic vibes, experimental guitar pop, and country influences into their sound. Their debut album, So Medieval (2024), marks a significant evolution from their 2022 EP Motorbike, showcasing a unique and fresh musical direction. Tracks like “Mr Bubblegum” and “Cloudy” highlight their creative peak, filled with intricate guitar work and dynamic rhythms. So Medieval is a daring and polished debut, embodying the band’s genre-fluid approach and emotional depth. Catch Blue Bendy live at Hit the City for an unforgettable, genre-defying experience that will leave you captivated and inspired.



August 30 (Fri)


21:30 - 22:15

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