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PleasureInc. is the genre-fluid musical brainchild of brothers Jesse and Louis Baker. Through aliases Kenny Pleasures and Jonny Silver, the brothers project a playful perspective in their indie rock/dance punk music, pulling sounds and attitudes from the likes of Damon Albarn, Beastie Boys, Tyler, The Creator and Tame Impala. Whether presenting this eclectic mix through considered, cinematic music videos, or as a raucous four-piece live band; there is an undefinable quality to PleasureInc that demands intrigue. Garnering 100,000+ Spotify streams, ears are tuning in around the globe. Their debut EP Plastic People (2024) embraces the dynamic of their live show. It captures the gritty chaos from venues across the UK, fusing their established alt-pop sound with a flavour of post- punk… call it Talking-Heads-make-love-to-Beastie-Boys-core. 



August 30 (Fri)


23:00 - 23:45

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