Lo Poloko

Mariachi Balkan brass, bombastic Latin grooves, rock guitar riffs, hyper-energetic percussion... The sound of Lo Poloko is just as much of a melting pot as the backgrounds and nationalities of the band members, which makes them a joy to listen to. With a unique combination of sounds designed to make you dance like it's the last day on Earth, as they put it, you'll undoubtedly be dancing. Perhaps the sunniest closer of the Ketelhuisplein Second on Saturday that you could wish for.


Quique, the alias of Enrique Ebbink, is a Dutch-Colombian artist who crafts songs in both Spanish and Dutch. He initially went viral on YouTube, leading to a series of remarkable milestones. His breakthrough came with a win on the talent show FunX Talent Fuego, which launched him into the Dutch urban music scene. From there, he performed at major festivals such as Woo Hah!, Down The Rabbit Hole, and Pal Mundo, and even supported Ronnie Flex. His debut album, El Colomboloandés, was released in 2024. Be sure to check out hits like 'Bici', 'Camino', and 'Energía', and catch his performance at Hit The City!


Experience the explosive energy of Flaire, the hottest new boyband straight out of The Hague. Max Lorenzo (Max van der Scheer), Holty (Boris Wentholt), and Yves Springer bring a unique blend of pop and electronic beats. Max and Holty have been jamming together for a while, but things got serious when they teamed up with the producer Yves in 2022. This dream team quickly went viral, and their tracks are now taking over the internet. It all kicked off when DJs Tjade and Moody Mehran closed their Lowlands set with Flaire’s banger “Oog in Oog", dropping it on Soundcloud.

Flaire’s live shows are something else. Think high-speed journeys from sweet love tunes to bass-thumping tracks that’ll shake the ground beneath you. They've played festivals like Life I Live, lit up their home turf at PIP Den Haag, and even opened for Goldband at AFAS Live. Max Lorenzo and Holty’s lyrics about love, lust, and nightlife, backed by Yves Springer’s killer beats, will turn the night into an unforgettable party.


WIES is a Dutch pop trio based in Amsterdam, comprising Jeanne Rouwendaal, Tobias Kolk, and Dan Huijser. Their music blends influences from alternative rock and electronic genres, underscored by a strong Do It Yourself ethos. Their songs delve into both profound existential questions and the everyday concerns of young adults. Their debut album, Het is een WIES, was released in 2021 and featured standout singles like 'Soms Is Het Te Laat', 'Barman', and 'Meisje'. In 2023, they followed up with their second album, Alles Anders, which delves deeper into themes of life and death, joy and sorrow, love and pain. It includes pivotal tracks such as their 3FM Megahit and StuBru Catch of The Day 'Ik Zie Ik Zie'. A breezy pop band perfect to enjoy in the sun on Ketelhuisplein.