Throwing Bricks

Throwing Bricks is a metal band based in Utrecht. This five piece mixes slow crushing sludge riffs with elements of hardcore punk, black metal and screamo. Their music sounds angry and aggressive, but first and foremost it's emotionally punishing. The feverish lyrics, brutal growls and intensely high screeches, low yet melodic guitar work, grimy bass and pounding drums, they all share a feeling of hopelessness. No matter how hard you fight against it, resistance is futile. Whether you like dark, brooding drones, slow and dragging riffs or insanely fast blast beats, this band has got it all.


From the fertile grounds of the heavy guitar music scene in Tilburg, rises contemporary metal outfit Autarkh. A group of musical adventurers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of their artistic development. Autarkh is the brainchild of Michel Nienhuis, founding member and composer/guitarist of Dodecahedron. They have a rare musical approach in the world of extreme metal, as the band uses synthetic, IDM-style beats, glitch effects and percussion that is perfectly balanced with crushing riffs and vocals that range from dark growls and tormented screams to exciting harmonies. Lyrically, they tackle themes of inner exploration and recontextualization such as the personal experience of human nature and the nature of the universe.


Crouch was founded somewhere around 2021 when Levy Seynaeve and Wim Coppers decided the world needed a good, slow heavy band. After working together on 4 Wiegedood albums, it quickly became clear that the songwriting mojo also translated when composing Crouch songs. They found a great bass player in Jasper Hollevoet, who earned his stripes in Siem Reap and Ventilator. Crouch was born and is ready to take over. Get swept away by their rugged post-metal sound featuring heavily distorted riffs, complex melodies, inventive rhythmic patterns and melancholic passages.

Yaro Mila

Yaro Mila is avant-garde (hyper)pop. Loud, rebellious, fierce and at the same time sugary sweet. Fusing together punk guitars with hammering beats and digital synths to escape to an empowering pixelated new age land. Taking the last couple decades of pop music's children and making her own hyperactive sonic Frankenstein-baby. In Yaro's musical candy store, you'll taste the unapologetic sweet flavours of Britney Spears, the sourness of Mother Gaga's early work and Ashnikko's and Dorian Electra's dirty and confusing aftertaste.


Singer-songwriter and provocateur DeathbyRomy pours both pain and euphoria into her catchy but alternative music, pitting pop melodies and propulsive trap metal beats against hypnotic vocals and deeply personal lyrics. Her single ‘Problems’ has already garnered over 59million streams on Spotify. No wonder her shows attract countless of fans that show up adorned in her signature eye makeup.