Yaro Mila

Yaro Mila is avant-garde (hyper)pop. Loud, rebellious, fierce and at the same time sugary sweet. Fusing together punk guitars with hammering beats and digital synths to escape to an empowering pixelated new age land. Taking the last couple decades of pop music's children and making her own hyperactive sonic Frankenstein-baby. In Yaro's musical candy store, you'll taste the unapologetic sweet flavours of Britney Spears, the sourness of Mother Gaga's early work and Ashnikko's and Dorian Electra's dirty and confusing aftertaste.

The Indien

The Indien is the project around Rianne Walther. They blend past influences, crafting lively pop songs with a unique touch. Their tracks feature Rianne's distinct vocals, often paired with stripped-down percussion, cinematic layers, and guitar melodies. "At its core, it's pop music with a hint of alternative," Rianne explains. "We usually start with live recordings as the foundation, but a significant chunk of production happens during home sessions. It's pop, it's vibey... but with a DIY vibe too."

Porcelain id

Rwandan artist Porcelain id, aka Hubert Tuyishime, burst onto the scene in 2020 with a unique blend of raw vocals and emotional depth. They effortlessly switch between Dutch and English, crafting lyrics about identity, gender, and racism. Influenced by artists like Destroyer, Bon Iver, and Daniel Johnston, their music has made them a standout talent in Belgium. While their debut ‘Mango’ was a concept EP about queerness, police brutality and identity, follow-up 'Reprise' is an intimate and poetic state of affairs. The lo-fi sound has been replaced by breathtaking minimalism. It's highlight? Vlaanderen, a heartfelt gospel song sung in Porcelain id's Flemish accent and a poignant ode to life's struggles, echoing their own childhood challenges as a black and queer individual.


Meet Naaz; an artist, producer, director, songwriter and overall powerhouse emerging from Amsterdam. Growing up in a refugee household, she defied the odds in the art world, fueled by her unique Kurdish roots. With hits like "Words," "Loving Love," and "Up To Something," plus the captivating "Azadî" from her new album, Naaz's authenticity shines brilliantly. Even legends like Bono and Elton John applaud her songwriting. Dutch Grammys, awe-inspiring concerts and a support-slot for Lana Del Rey? She's got those too. Make sure to give this rising star a listen.

Jimmy Whispers

The Search for God by lo-fi/indie-rock singer Jimmy Whispers is a wake-up call for a troubled world that’s still worth saving, animated by a belief in the power of small connections to add up to big changes. Jimmy Whispers’ sophomore album was created mostly with two vintage synths, a drum machine, and a busted karaoke machine. It channels Midwestern emo, the Beach Boys’ Smile, subtle nods at hyper-pop production and forgotten jewel-box era college radio of the early aughts into a pure pop sound that transcends easy categorization.


Guusje is the pseudonym of 28-year-old singer-songwriter Guus Mulder. Hailing from Groningen, he released his debut album Songs About Girls last year under Universal Music and has performed as an opening act for artists such as Racoon, Bazart, and Roxeanne Hazes. His second album, Stay Here a Little Longer, emerges from a challenging period of burnout. While this phase deeply impacted his life, it also proved to be fertile ground for crafting new material. The distinct blend of candid and incisive coming-of-age narratives, touching on significant themes and combined with vibrant pop and straightforward melodies, holds the potential to resonate with all age groups. These compositions swiftly seize attention, embed themselves within, and remain irresistibly hummable. Guusje encapsulates a warm, distinct, and contemporary alt-pop sound.

DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson

Once again, DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson push the boundaries of traditional French song to make the world dance. Their third album, 2+, is a new sound stopover in their funky trip since their beginning with T’es qui? in 2015. It’s eclectic, soft, deep and funky - where electro, soul, Bossa nova and afro beat intertwine.


Singer-songwriter and provocateur DeathbyRomy pours both pain and euphoria into her catchy but alternative music, pitting pop melodies and propulsive trap metal beats against hypnotic vocals and deeply personal lyrics. Her single ‘Problems’ has already garnered over 59million streams on Spotify. No wonder her shows attract countless of fans that show up adorned in her signature eye makeup.

Anna-Rose Clayton

Anna-Rose Clayton immerses herself in contemporary electro-pop hits and conquers us with her British attitude, golden throat and pop-filled heart. Expect contagious, danceable and heartfelt popsongs, while she brings and edgy twist to the genre. Her captivating live performances have earned her support slots for major artists such as Kae Tempest, RUEL and Carly Rae Jepsen. A force to be reckoned with!


Balancing between attittude and vulnerability, Amina knows exactly how to put into words how her generation feels. With her catchy popsongs, the Utrecht singer-songwriter breaks through the perfect picture that everyone seems to have to live up to in today’s society. Her vocal and melody lines, with production influences from hip-hop wrapped in a pop exterior, are accompanied by honest lyrics that make her listeners reflect on life and the obstacles that every person encounters.

Inspired by: Alessia Cara, Billie Eillish and Adele