Sylvie Kreusch

Sylvie Kreusch is rapidly rising as one of the most impressive and electrifying performers in Europe, turning many heads in the fields of music, film and fashion. Kreusch is known for her brutal, expressive lyricism and keen ear for both experimental and pop stylistics and participation in past projects such as Soldier’s Heart or Warhaus. On her breakthrough album Montbray, she illustrated heartbreak with the suspense and thrill of a spy thriller. To say the Belgian artist has a flair for the dramatics would be a severe understatement. Wherever Sylvie sets foot, superlatives tend to chase her like a trail of fire. 

For her upcoming new album, she abandons her lofty tenure as Belgium’s specter of the night, trading in her raging red locks for a dashing blonde. Finally in the driver’s seat with her lover sitting shotgun, she embarks on a horizon-chasing voyage where all fruits of life are savored and surveyed with wide eyes and luscious lip.

Iris Jean

Dutch pop artist Iris Jean is composing the soundtrack of her life. Each song represents a different chapter of self-discovery, love, loss, hope, and heartbreak. With every pivotal moment, every high, and every low, Iris has found something to learn from and use as inspiration for the journey ahead. Inspired by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Wolf Alice, Holly Humberstone, and more, and armed with her left-handed Fender Jazzmaster, she has crafted these moments into new realities to escape to, creating an almost ethereal contrast between turmoil and serenity. While her journey has only just begun, she is finally ready to share her story thus far in hopes that whoever may be listening might discover a piece of themselves as well.


The beholder of softness, the embodiment of cuteness known for oozing sass galore on sweaty dancefloors; the dangerously extravagant Kabeaushé. They are crafting a sound of their own, infused with pop sensibilities that go from Prince to Bollywood and Tyler, the Creator. Future or intelligent pop is probably the best way to describe their music, a rare bird in the African music landscape. The show is a hybrid of music and theater, developed for months in Kampala together with a creative team. They like to explore themes of softness and cuteness, making music that is both gentle and highly invigorating with a show aimed to draw the audience into a hypnotic dance frenzy.

Min Taka

Taking her name from a myth of a vanishing planet, Min Taka shares her inner world through a genre-bending sound that moves between indie, liquid DnB, synth and hyperpop. Her songs reflect on themes of identity, belonging, femininity and connection. Min Taka’s sonic universe ranges from intimate and soft to intense electronic commotion. The pixie-pop artist’s latest album Partiyi Durdurun! (2023) was inspired by the likes of Mitski, Sassy 009, Cocteau Twins, Kero Kero Bonito and Charli XCX.


MEROL makes Dutch pop combined with 80’s disco influences. With her ruthless lyrics, she is a unique voice within the music scene by addressing topics as body positivity, sex and feminism. Put iconic costumes, interactive moments with the audience and self-mockery together and you have the thunderous live sensation called MEROL: an energetic powerhouse influenced by artists like Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer and Roísin Murphy. 


Carving out their space in the nu-rave scene, Belgian duo Promis3’s captivating productions, mesmerizing visuals and striking aesthetic are a tribute to European club and queer culture. The duo constantly pushes the boundaries of their recognizable, yet confronting identity. Shaped by Europop, hyperpop, y2k-trance, rave and so much more, it’s clear that Promis3’s shared influences span far and wide. They already shared the stage with big names like Shygirl, Dorian Electra, Cobra and Ascendant Vierge. Get ready for the sound of the future with a nostalgia touch of the past.


With solid beats, hypnotic synths and coherent guitars, Gespuys brings alt-pop with strong, poetic lyrics. The duo knows how to make you dance to trauma, by speaking a familiar language that captures the absurdity of everyday life. 

Maryn Charlie

How to interpret GenZ’s inner struggles in an infectious and personal way; indie-alt pop singer-songwriter Maryn Charlie definitely knows how. By addressing topics such as self-image, social pressure, mental health and self-sabotage, her music serves as the voice of a generation. 

Kirin J Callinan

The Australian singer-songwriter started as a member of indie rock band Mercy Arms, until they disbanded in 2009. From that point, the flamboyant, extravagant singer started focussing on his solo career. Blend EDM, synth rock and 80’s ballads together and you have the eccentric pop oddity named Kirin J Callinan. 

Iskander Moon

Iskander Moon is the folk-pop project of singer-songwriter Iskander, who expresses his love through songs crafted behind ivory keys. Growing up next to the canal made him ponder the natural flow of life, which has influenced the songs he writes today, evoking a warm winter embrace. With the accompaniment of his warm tenor voice, he creates simple, sincere pop songs with catchy lyrics. Think Bon Iver, James Bay, or Tom Odell.