Sampa the Great

Sampa the Great is a a poet, singer-songwriter, and global artistic visionary in the truest sense of the term, dedicated to catalyzing positive change and empowerment. Hailing from Zambia but raised in Botswana, she seamlessly blends abstract hip-hop beats with African influences, neo-soul, and R&B. Her delivery oscillates between assertive, confident rap and smooth soul-jazz vocals intertwined with poetic and introspective reflections. Following the acclaim of her debut album 'Birds and The BEE9' in 2017 and its successor 'The Return' in 2019, she now presents 'As Above, So Below' (2022). With an album so heartfelt and punchy, she proves she really is Sampa, the Great.


Carving out their space in the nu-rave scene, Belgian duo Promis3’s captivating productions, mesmerizing visuals and striking aesthetic are a tribute to European club and queer culture. The duo constantly pushes the boundaries of their recognizable, yet confronting identity. Shaped by Europop, hyperpop, y2k-trance, rave and so much more, it’s clear that Promis3’s shared influences span far and wide. They already shared the stage with big names like Shygirl, Dorian Electra, Cobra and Ascendant Vierge. Get ready for the sound of the future with a nostalgia touch of the past.


In the briefest of descriptions, Snõõper is a band who, in a 33 1/3 rpm world, make 45 rpm music they play at 78 and it completely works. Even at this incredible speed, Snõõper (the kinetic duo of musician Connor Cummins and visual/video artist, Blair Tramel) is super precise instrumentally and skillfully melodic vocally, even though, again, they’re flooring it almost the entire time. The overall effect is a megadose of extremely cool and unique songs that while at the speed of tomorrow, would lose their overwhelming fun factor if played any differently. Featuring one of the wildest liveshows out there, as well as the most promising punk debut in decades.


Polyphonic is the most energetic orchestra you’ll ever experience! This booming orchestra has been throwing parties all across The Netherlands with their unique blend of classical music and drum ’n bass. Their unique covers were praised by the likes of Noisia, Netsky and Macky Gee and have gathered a dedicated following on YouTube. Polyphonic was developed by a large group of musicians, including the renowned Phion Orchestra, drummer Koen Herfst (Armin van Buuren), vocalist Diandra Faye (Da Tweekaz) and drum ’n bass rapper Wolf MC. Expect a euphoric multi-genre party. 


Meltheads is a young band originating from Antwerp, with loads of talent and as much drive and swagger. Propelled by the metronomically tight rhythm section of Tim Penseart (bass) and Simon de Geus (drum), and fueled by the sharp and virtuoso guitar of Yunas de Proost. With frontman Sietse Willems as the glowing center, who resembles the incarnate bastard of Jim Morrison's charisma, Robert Plant's sex appeal and Iggy Pop's fury. No wonder the band storms every stage and plays every show like it's their last. Meltheads brings you infectious garage, smart post-punk and (cold) wave indebted to The Chats, Amyl and the Sniffers, Gang of Four and Wire.


All it needed was one drum & bass show to get him hooked. The idea of a heavy hitting, rolling sound was the birth of Eindhoven-based Madster. Nowadays, with over 10 years of experience and shows like Rampage, We Are Electric and Korsakov, as well as a residency at NOX, his trademark mixing and big selection makes him a crowds favourite. Whether it's neuro, beats or halftime, Madster knows how to throw a party. 


This Salisbury-based genre-bending band was formed in a small English pub in late 2021. From indie rock to post-punk to hip-hop with electronic elements; they bring energetic, unpredictable live shows. Their music is all about living for the weekend, desperate chaos of the nightlife in a small town and forgetting what happened last night. Fans from Blur and The Streets, don’t miss out!

Talk Show

Talk Show might be one of the UK’s most ferocious bands out there. On Effigy, their long-awaited full length debut, they draw on everything from The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy to Nine Inch Nails and KLF as it taps into a raw, primal sound at the intersection of techno, electronic, industrial, and rock music. The songs are dark and gritty, fueled by blistering guitars and explosive drums, and frontman Harrison Swann’s vocals are nothing short of hypnotic, leaning on repetition and restraint to reach for transcendence in the midst of swirling sonic chaos. The result is an immersive, multi-sensory experience, one that conjures up a dark, sweaty warehouse packed with moving bodies all radiating heat and desire, anxiety and release, ecstasy and desperation. 

Sky Feliz

Sky Feliz effortlessly spans genres like alternative R&B, neo-soul and electronic sounds, showcasing her eclectic music palette. As a true visionary, Sky not only graces the stage with her soulful vocals but also commands the creative process as a songwriter, producer and actress. Her music is a testament to her versatility, seamless transitioning from personal and intimate tunes to grand, electrifying performances. 

Maryn Charlie

How to interpret GenZ’s inner struggles in an infectious and personal way; indie-alt pop singer-songwriter Maryn Charlie definitely knows how. By addressing topics such as self-image, social pressure, mental health and self-sabotage, her music serves as the voice of a generation.