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Coco Cocaine

Looking for the ultimate festival experience? COCO COCAINE is about to blow your mind at Hit The City! Formed in The Hague in 2023, this powerhouse duo, Luna Becking and Kate Oram, are shaking up the music scene with their wild mix of post-punk, house, gabber, and techno. They bring a rich tapestry of influences to their collaboration, creating a sound that’s all about breaking boundaries and pushing musical limits. Their debut EP, Party Pool (2023), is a must-listen, packed with bangers like “Breastpump” and “Gluesniffer (2Broke4Coke)”. These tracks are edgy, danceable, and absolutely unforgettable. Plus, they’ve done it all independently—writing, recording, and publishing every track themselves. Talk about DIY spirit!

But the real magic happens live. COCO COCAINE’s performances are pure fire—think insane energy, art-infused stages, and vibes that’ll keep you buzzing long after the last note. Their on-stage chemistry and infectious energy create an atmosphere that captivates audiences, leaving everyone hungry for more. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Get ready to experience a show that’s more than just music—it’s a full-blown sensory overload.



August 31 (Sat)


01:30 - 02:15

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