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Mula B

Mula B, also known as the rapper from The Hague, is fiercely ambitious. Not only did he introduce the trap genre to the Netherlands with his own label, Wilde Westen, but his 2016 mixtape ‘Drugs&Geld’ has attained cult status and is still regarded as influential within the Dutch hip-hop scene. On his latest album ‘Narcopop’ (2023), he takes a completely different path and breaks all musical boundaries. The album combines trap and hip-hop with influences from pop, rock, and jazz, under a layer of exceptionally sharp lyrics that sometimes catch you off guard. Mula B elevates street life to pure art. No wonder that the album was chosen as the best Dutch hip-hop album of 2023 by Parool and made it into the top 10 album releases worldwide on Spotify.



August 30 (Fri)



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