Carving out their space in the nu-rave scene, Belgian duo Promis3’s captivating productions, mesmerizing visuals and striking aesthetic are a tribute to European club and queer culture. The duo constantly pushes the boundaries of their recognizable, yet confronting identity. Shaped by Europop, hyperpop, y2k-trance, rave and so much more, it’s clear that Promis3’s shared influences span far and wide. They already shared the stage with big names like Shygirl, Dorian Electra, Cobra and Ascendant Vierge. Get ready for the sound of the future with a nostalgia touch of the past.

Crystal Murray

This French-American musician knows how to expand the boundaries of neo-soul with taut. Her 2021 COLORS Studio performance was like a shimmering love letter to sisterhood. With her hypnotic cool and honeyed voice she sings about themes like messy relationships and vulnerability. 

Kirin J Callinan

The Australian singer-songwriter started as a member of indie rock band Mercy Arms, until they disbanded in 2009. From that point, the flamboyant, extravagant singer started focussing on his solo career. Blend EDM, synth rock and 80’s ballads together and you have the eccentric pop oddity named Kirin J Callinan. 

Iskander Moon

Iskander Moon is the folk-pop project of singer-songwriter Iskander, who expresses his love through songs crafted behind ivory keys. Growing up next to the canal made him ponder the natural flow of life, which has influenced the songs he writes today, evoking a warm winter embrace. With the accompaniment of his warm tenor voice, he creates simple, sincere pop songs with catchy lyrics. Think Bon Iver, James Bay, or Tom Odell.

Julia Sabaté

Julia Sabaté invites you to start on a mesmerizing journey through the depths of passion, emotion, and raw feelings. Originating from a small town in The Netherlands, yet deeply rooted in her Spanish heritage, she fearlessly sets out on a musical adventure to reconnect with her roots. Driven by her innate connection to emotions, cherished memories, and personal stories, Julia weaves together a compelling blend of pop, electronic, and hip-hop influences. Each composition a gateway to uncharted territories, empowering listeners with strength, energy, and above all, the courage to embrace their own emotions. She already played an aftershow for ROSALÍA, and is on her way to become the next big pop artist. 


This 3-piece girl band from Antwerp started as Catherine Smet’s initimate bedroom project. With Caitlin Talbut (bass) and Mo Govaerts (drums), the project has evolved into a full-fledged indie band. BLUAI won Belgium’s three major music contests in just a few months time and made it to a billboard on Times Square as ambassadors for Spotify’s Equal campaign for more women in music. They are making their way through the Belgian music landscape while continuing to challenge each other to keep experimenting.