Takeshi's Cashew

Highway, dance floor, solitary beach — Takeshi's Cashew provides the perfect soundtrack for every scenario. Their music is wildly eclectic and arranged with flair, falling somewhere between music school precision and anarchic creativity. The six musicians push the boundaries of melody and rhythm, using a variety of instruments that only the most dedicated music nerds could identify. Their performances feature lovely melodies, whimsical flutes, diverse percussion, and carefully selected vintage synthesizers, all with a touch of echo that transports listeners to an idealized hippie world before bringing them back to reality.

In their second album, Enter J’s Chamber (2023), Takeshi’s Cashew blends groovy rhythms with electronic beats and 70s psychedelic rock, all recorded in analogue and bursting with vibrant colors. Curious about what psychedelic cosmofunk is all about? Then you'll have have to experience Takeshi's Cashew live.


Electric guitar loops, vocals, and piano drift through a sea of reverb, interlaced with elements of UK garage, 2-step, and neo-soul-infused drums: Yellowstraps presents a hybrid art form that pushes the boundaries of genres. The outcome is remarkably cohesive, enchanting, and at times, sensual, with irresistibly catchy melodies throughout. Recently propelled by the success of his track ‘Slowdown (girl what’s up),’ which garnered millions of streams on Spotify, Yvan Murenzi reappropriates the garage atmosphere he loves so much and decides to reformulate it. Infusing it with his unique artistic vision, characterized by his electric ukulele and his alter ego, vividly portrayed in his handcrafted videos. In early 2024, he collaborated with Sofiane Pamart to remix his own track ‘blue,’confirming his mastery of this hybrid formula between soaring sounds and dry UK-style drums. For fans of Tom Misch, Daniel Ceasar, Jordan Rakei, River Tiber, and Moonchild, Yellowstraps.