Lo Poloko

Mariachi Balkan brass, bombastic Latin grooves, rock guitar riffs, hyper-energetic percussion... The sound of Lo Poloko is just as much of a melting pot as the backgrounds and nationalities of the band members, which makes them a joy to listen to. With a unique combination of sounds designed to make you dance like it's the last day on Earth, as they put it, you'll undoubtedly be dancing. Perhaps the sunniest closer of the Ketelhuisplein Second on Saturday that you could wish for.

MT Jones

New Liverpudlian kid on the block MT JONES, gathers inspiration from 60s and 70s soul greats across the Atlantic to modern R&B and jazz, evoking a sound that is both contemporary and timeless. His deeply soulful and crooning vocals transport you straight back to a smoke-filled speakeasy, while somehow feeling fresh and innovative. Listen to his soulful, heart-on-sleeve-ballads once, and you’ll know that big things lie ahead for MT Jones. See him in an intimate setting while you can at Hit The City!


YVES, born in Amsterdam and raised in Almere, has had a deep connection to music from an early age. His mother's mixtape collection introduced him to R&B, hip-hop, and soul, influences that are clearly reflected in his music. Teaming up with producer SHY, YVES masterfully blends different musical worlds. Early 2020 saw the release of his highly anticipated debut EP, SADDERDAYS, a rich tapestry of neo-soul, R&B, hip-hop, and jazz.

Following SADDERDAYS, YVES continued to make waves with subsequent EPs HIGHSANDGOODBYES and GODSPEED, cementing his place in the Dutch music scene. Having debuted on several major stages and festivals, YVES is just getting started, with much more to come. His performance at Hit The City being one of those things.


Gaidaa is a Sudanese-Dutch musician from Eindhoven who took the world by storm with her debut EP, Overture (2020). She quickly gained global recognition, amassing millions of streams and got featured in top music blogs, magazines, and platforms. Why should you catch her at Hit The City? Simple— she is playing her biggest show yet, and it's in her own hometown.

Influenced by icons like Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, and Anderson .Paak, Gaidaa blends soulful melodies with experimental beats. Whether she’s belting out the heartfelt tribute to the Sudanese revolution "Morning Blue" or the edgy single "I Like Trouble," her shows are a mix of tradition and innovation that you won’t want to miss. Gaidaa’s not just about the music; she’s about making a statement. Her songs tackle social and political issues, using her platform to spark conversations and inspire change. This is your chance to witness a rising star who’s as real as it gets.


Meet London-based Somali artist Facesoul, aka Faisal Salah, who is known for his incredibly moving and soulful compositions. His music captivates listeners with raw, honest accounts of his own life experiences, set against immersive and atmospheric soundscapes. FaceSoul is a rare artist whose words and melodies resonate deeply, speaking directly to the soul.

Takeshi's Cashew

Highway, dance floor, solitary beach — Takeshi's Cashew provides the perfect soundtrack for every scenario. Their music is wildly eclectic and arranged with flair, falling somewhere between music school precision and anarchic creativity. The six musicians push the boundaries of melody and rhythm, using a variety of instruments that only the most dedicated music nerds could identify. Their performances feature lovely melodies, whimsical flutes, diverse percussion, and carefully selected vintage synthesizers, all with a touch of echo that transports listeners to an idealized hippie world before bringing them back to reality.

In their second album, Enter J’s Chamber (2023), Takeshi’s Cashew blends groovy rhythms with electronic beats and 70s psychedelic rock, all recorded in analogue and bursting with vibrant colors. Curious about what psychedelic cosmofunk is all about? Then you'll have have to experience Takeshi's Cashew live.


Electric guitar loops, vocals, and piano drift through a sea of reverb, interlaced with elements of UK garage, 2-step, and neo-soul-infused drums: Yellowstraps presents a hybrid art form that pushes the boundaries of genres. The outcome is remarkably cohesive, enchanting, and at times, sensual, with irresistibly catchy melodies throughout. Recently propelled by the success of his track ‘Slowdown (girl what’s up),’ which garnered millions of streams on Spotify, Yvan Murenzi reappropriates the garage atmosphere he loves so much and decides to reformulate it. Infusing it with his unique artistic vision, characterized by his electric ukulele and his alter ego, vividly portrayed in his handcrafted videos. In early 2024, he collaborated with Sofiane Pamart to remix his own track ‘blue,’confirming his mastery of this hybrid formula between soaring sounds and dry UK-style drums. For fans of Tom Misch, Daniel Ceasar, Jordan Rakei, River Tiber, and Moonchild, Yellowstraps.


A few years back, rapper YOUNGBAEKANSIE was turning heads at nearly every festival, gaining fame for his role in 'Doe Je Dans' by Bizzey and delivering one of 101Barz's catchiest hooks with 'SAUCEMAN'. Fast forward to today, Randall Felter, now going by Kans, has taken a whole new path, delving into sensitive R&B with influences from hip-hop, trap, and his Caribbean heritage. Through his latest project, he reaffirms the Dutch hip-hop scene's wealth with talent. On his sophomore album, 'hennessy & beckies' (2022), he's joined by established names like Jonna Fraser, Murda, Yade Lauren, and Ray Fuego. Yet, the whole album has an incredible sensitiveness and freshness to its sound. Among his favorite artists and key musical influences are Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Future, André 3000, Drake, The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Hef.

Another Taste

Another Taste. Is it boogie? Is it 70’s funk? Obscure disco? Or an ode to Burgess? It’s neither and it’s all. Indefinable yet universal. The buzz started at an early recording at the home of Danilo Plesssow (MCDE). Experimenting with tape and analogue equipment only, Another Taste found their sound in the beauty of the imperfection. No computers, straight-up feels instead. Being responsible for several releases on the Space Grapes imprint (Mad Honey, GALXTC, Jambonne), Another Taste reinvents itself with every release to bring people together in delight. Let the vibe of this eclectic collective serve you Another Taste.

Crystal Murray

This French-American musician knows how to expand the boundaries of neo-soul with taut. Her 2021 COLORS Studio performance was like a shimmering love letter to sisterhood. With her hypnotic cool and honeyed voice she sings about themes like messy relationships and vulnerability.