DJ Curling is hard to pigeonhole. Whether it's (industrial) techno or EBM, punk or house or metal, Curling will find his way in any genre. On Hit The City he will draw on his knowledge of obscure and adventurous hip hop.


Quique, the alias of Enrique Ebbink, is a Dutch-Colombian artist who crafts songs in both Spanish and Dutch. He initially went viral on YouTube, leading to a series of remarkable milestones. His breakthrough came with a win on the talent show FunX Talent Fuego, which launched him into the Dutch urban music scene. From there, he performed at major festivals such as Woo Hah!, Down The Rabbit Hole, and Pal Mundo, and even supported Ronnie Flex. His debut album, El Colomboloandés, was released in 2024. Be sure to check out hits like 'Bici', 'Camino', and 'Energía', and catch his performance at Hit The City!


YVES, born in Amsterdam and raised in Almere, has had a deep connection to music from an early age. His mother's mixtape collection introduced him to R&B, hip-hop, and soul, influences that are clearly reflected in his music. Teaming up with producer SHY, YVES masterfully blends different musical worlds. Early 2020 saw the release of his highly anticipated debut EP, SADDERDAYS, a rich tapestry of neo-soul, R&B, hip-hop, and jazz.

Following SADDERDAYS, YVES continued to make waves with subsequent EPs HIGHSANDGOODBYES and GODSPEED, cementing his place in the Dutch music scene. Having debuted on several major stages and festivals, YVES is just getting started, with much more to come. His performance at Hit The City being one of those things.

Keenan Mundane

In the world of underground hip-hop, Keenan Mundane emerges as an impressive storyteller. Armed with nothing but a mic and sampler, he weaves gritty beats and introspective lyrics into a captivating narrative. Influenced by the likes of JPEGMAFIA, Earl Sweatshirt and MF DOOM, Mundane offers a fresh take on the rugged sounds of both the UK and the United States. His debut mixtape, Treasures of the Mundane (2021), introduced listeners to his distinctive blend of raw lyricism and innovative instrumentals. As he continues to carve his path, he explores the profound within the mundane, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.

ADF Antje

Anthony Pio Lima, better known as 'Antje', is an artist from Rotterdam who rapidly gained popularity as a member of the ADF Family. Since 2022, he has been releasing his own tracks and collaborating with producer p.APE and artists ADF Samski and Lusho. The track ‘Flockin’ with ADF Samski already has over 1 million streams. On ‘Brada Effect’, Antje describes what ADF and his roots in Rotterdam-North mean to him. As a true all-rounder in the scene, Antje brings a quick combination of modern drill and 90s hip-hop influences over energetic trap and house beats.


Chardy Mafalanka managed to become very big in just a few years. The rapper grew up in the Schilderswijk district of The Hague, but moved to bustling Brussels at the age of eight. His ancestry is firmly and unmistakably rooted in Congo. He grabbed the mic the minute he set foot in Belgium, and hast kept it in his grasp ever since. Chardy has been active as a rapper since 2016, and later on signed to Chivv’s label Un4-gettable Music. Since the beginning of 2021, he is continuing independently under his own management, stronger than ever. Tracks like ‘About that ft. Adje’ immediately reveal Chardy’s hunger: man is ready to turn the whole scene upside down with a nonchalant smile on his face.

Crystal Chanay

Crystal Chanay is an extravagant rapper and singer/songwriter hailing from Amsterdam. Expect an energetic and raw trap/drill sound. She always felt she never fitted in, so she created her own PARADI$E. Finding her voice through music and using the struggles she has faced with her mental health as fuel for succes. Think of her as a diamond: the pressure of life made her the woman she is today. With her music, Crystal encourages people to believe in their own unique strength.


Building on a mutual desire to bridge the gap between hip hop and electronic music, H31R (pronounced heir/air) creates an enigmatic but complementary sonic experience that pushes the fickle boundaries of genre. The duo, consisting of producer and composer JWords and Brooklyn rapper/vocalist maassai, both grew up listening to a variety of genres and are using the sounds of their youth to expand on the potential and style of their own music. Their debut ve·loc·i·ty (2020) showcased a speed and grit not heard before in underground music. Its singular amalgamation of hip hop and electronic music, further characterized by flecks of jazz, juke, Jersey club and boom bap, noted a direction in music unbound by the confines of genre. The album’s enigmatic sound paired with a collage of self-affirmations caught wind from the likes of Pitchfork, The Wire, Brooklyn Vegan, Okayplayer, Cabbages and Bandcamp, who called ‘ve·loc·i·ty’ “a marvel of momentum”. Their latest album, HeadSpace (2023), confidently expands their electronic rap vision, featuring wonky, out-of-this-world tracks with a wildly futuristic vibe.


The beholder of softness, the embodiment of cuteness known for oozing sass galore on sweaty dancefloors; the dangerously extravagant Kabeaushé. They are crafting a sound of their own, infused with pop sensibilities that go from Prince to Bollywood and Tyler, the Creator. Future or intelligent pop is probably the best way to describe their music, a rare bird in the African music landscape. The show is a hybrid of music and theater, developed for months in Kampala together with a creative team. They like to explore themes of softness and cuteness, making music that is both gentle and highly invigorating with a show aimed to draw the audience into a hypnotic dance frenzy.

Narco Polo

Narco Polo is a Dutch rapper with roots spanning from Ghana to Java. With a heart pulsing with hip-hop vibes, he delivers raw tales and celebrates life in equal measure. His music effortlessly blends laid-back rap with trap, offering a unique perspective on life. Narco Polo is shaking up the Dutch rap scene with his car freestyle sessions, catching the attention of well-known names such as Adje, Joysilvio, Winne, RBdjan, Heffs and Willem. Rooted in diverse experiences, he promises to keep surprising with his musical versatility and genuine, down-to-earth outlook on life.