Sticks is one of the most influential figures in Dutch hip-hop. Over fifteen years ago, he bursted onto the scene with Rico and producer Delic as a part of Opgezwolle. Album such as ‘Spuugdingen op de mic’, ‘Vloeistof’ and ‘Eigen Wereld’ are now classified as hip-hop classics. You might also know him from collaborations with various artists such as Winne, Jiggy Djé, Wu-Tang clan producer Dr. Moon, Typhoon, A.R.T., and Zwangere Guy. He recently dropped a new album called ‘Alles Over Hoop’, which might just be a hint to the vibe of his upcoming performance at Hit The City. Revelry guaranteed.

Hit The City Opening Night


A moshpit on violin music? It’s not unthinkable with sor, who is one of the most promising and unique artists in Dutch hip-hop. This Amsterdam jack-of-all-trades (rapper, producer, composer) merges classical music with drill and trap hip-hop influences, accompanied by a whole orchestra. He recently won a contest in conducting music with Maestro, has gained millions of streams with his project Bae Doven, is a prominent member of Black Acid and is signed by Noah’s Ark. This all despite the fact of his intense hearing loss, which forced him to work even more creatively. This Hit The City, he will bring his impressive blend of styles accompanied by strings.

Hit The City Opening Night

Yung Dada

Meet musician and producer Yaw Owusu Addai, also known as Yung Dada. You might know him from his his previous work as a trap artist and producer operating under the pseudonym DRUMMAKID. However, Owusu Addai felt the urge to reconnect with his origins. This quest coincided with the rise of afrobeats, providing the perfect juncture - closer to his roots yet propelling his career forward. Yung Dada emerged, renowned for crafting his own compositions and delivering performances infused with an afro-centric flair. A fusion of afro and amapiano beats accompanied by sweet vocals and tropical vibes.


Reanny's vibe can best be described as rebellious and sexy, radiating her mission to boost women's confidence in every corner of their lives. Her music unleashes an American sound that the Netherlands hasn't quite wrapped its ears around yet. Think Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and City Girls. Just like these icons, she stands for women empowerment in every way possible. She wants her rap verses to resonate loud with women, while also envisioning herself as a bridge in the current hip-hop scene, paving the way for other badass female artists.


Mariposa is a Colombian-Italian artist who, at just 25 years old, is not only redefining the landscape of Latin rap, but is also forging a path with a unique sound that defies genre conventions. Channeling her life experiences into her music, Mariposa crafts resonant compositions that speak of her journey's highs and lows, and the resilience that has been her guiding force. As a torchbearer for a transformative movement in music, Mariposa effortlessly embodies the fluidity and inclusivity that is shaping the industry's new narrative. The thrilling global Y2K-tinged artist that is undeniably the one to watch.


With his unique sound, drawing inspiration from UK rap, Jersey Club, and Memphis influences, Lusho brings something fresh to the rap game. Meanwhile, the rapper hailing from De Pijp has already released several tracks, including 'New Balance', which entered the Top 50 charts and confirmed that we'll be hearing a lot more from this individual in the future. 'Zo Boos' went viral in no time. The track has now been streamed over a million times and immediately caught the attention of artists like Ronnie Flex and Josylvio.


LIONSTORM is a sexy, aggressive, queer rapduo that releases confronting raw club anthems. They are the Netherlands’ first queer rap formation, originating from a lack of hardcore anti-norm representation. Think of them as the lesbian love child of Tommy Cash and Death Grips. Their sound is unpolished but catchy, varying from Caribbean bubbling beats to metal to grimey hiphop, and their shows are just as unpredictable - one moment you’re dancing, the next you’re in the middle of a mosh pit. Forget the norm and get pulled into LIONSTORM’s world.

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Kleine Crack & Slagter

This is going to be grim. Flemish duo Kleine Crack & Slagter are bringing the dark side of Anna (Antwerp) to Hit The City, with their possessed rap and infernal energy. Both are part of hiphop collective VHS and are represented by Burning Fik (Faberyayo & Abel). Loyal to 90s Memphis Horrorcore, they tackle themes like drugs and murder, accompanied by minimal synths and beats and the aesthetic of the devil. Even though they’re not satanists, or so they say.

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Denzel Himself

Denzel Himself, an interdisciplinary artist hailing from outer-London, defies traditional rapper archetypes with his gothic and hardcore take on hip hop. Often likened to having "Dilla’s brain in Manson’s skull," his unique aesthetic and synesthetic experiences shape his distinct approach to both life and art. An artist in complete control of his creative destiny, he is one of the UK’s most important emerging creative minds. Expect Denzel’s innovative visuals, expect his unique sound, and expect him to have meticulously crafted his output, himself.

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Hailing from the bowels of East London, Deijuvhs is an artist who continues to resonate with a rapidly increasing number of people drawn in by his tenacity to break the wheel when it comes to strict genre norms and unabashed authenticity. Taking inspiration from punk, metal, drill, hungle and many more otherworldly genres, Deijuvhs seamlessly blends and moulds all the sonics into a perfect unique amalgamation and refuses to be placed into a box as he continues to keep exploring how far his distinctive sound will take him. No one sounds quite like Deijuvhs.

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