Femme Fugazi

Like a wrecking ball through the church of angry music and angrier girls; Femme Fugazi combines spoken word, manic unpredictability and lyrics about the sizzling love for Gerard Joling into a possessed whole. Femme Fugazi is inextricably linked to bands from the emerging garage/post-punk wave of recent years. Think of a mix between METZ and IDLES. The band has only been playing together since 2022, but has already managed to impress many people in a short period of time. Make sure to catch them at Hit The City!


Humour is a 5-piece band with a hardcore/punk sound and surreal, often funny lyrics. Humour live together in Glasgow and formed across the 2021 lockdowns, writing and recording their material at home, with the music intended as a backdrop to singer Andreas' lyrics. Sometimes they’re about letting people down, sometimes they’re about pets dying, sometimes they’re about trying to say something when you don’t have anything worth saying. In the last few years, this band has been attracting the interest of many new fans and we think you will be one of them.

Lambrini Girls

Lambrini Girls formed in the swamplands underneath Skegness Butlins, a scene filled with toxicity, a severe lack of accountability and not enough gravy. Flying the nest with a dream to curate slutvibes nationwide. Their inspiration is drawn from the likes of Savages, Le Tigre, The Spice Girls and unresolved trauma; not only do Lambrini Girls plan on setting your bin on fire- they want to create spaces at shows for anyone who feels like there isn’t a place for them there already. No one deserves to feel uncomfortable, no one deserves to feel invisible, start conversations with your mates, never let anyone stop you existing authentically and most importantly: Gays to the front x

Throwing Bricks

Throwing Bricks is a metal band based in Utrecht. This five piece mixes slow crushing sludge riffs with elements of hardcore punk, black metal and screamo. Their music sounds angry and aggressive, but first and foremost it's emotionally punishing. The feverish lyrics, brutal growls and intensely high screeches, low yet melodic guitar work, grimy bass and pounding drums, they all share a feeling of hopelessness. No matter how hard you fight against it, resistance is futile. Whether you like dark, brooding drones, slow and dragging riffs or insanely fast blast beats, this band has got it all.


From the fertile grounds of the heavy guitar music scene in Tilburg, rises contemporary metal outfit Autarkh. A group of musical adventurers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of their artistic development. Autarkh is the brainchild of Michel Nienhuis, founding member and composer/guitarist of Dodecahedron. They have a rare musical approach in the world of extreme metal, as the band uses synthetic, IDM-style beats, glitch effects and percussion that is perfectly balanced with crushing riffs and vocals that range from dark growls and tormented screams to exciting harmonies. Lyrically, they tackle themes of inner exploration and recontextualization such as the personal experience of human nature and the nature of the universe.

Naked Lungs

Naked Lungs are an enigmatic four-piece DIY noise-punk/shoegaze outfit from Ireland, blending harsh, heavy instrumentation with melodic hooks to create a cathartic, emotional release in their tracks. The band utilizes distorted soundscapes and driving rhythms, all the while maintaining their unique approach to both songwriting structure and lyrics. The band is set to take on 2023 with the release of their debut album ‘Doomscroll’ and has already been listed as one of NME’s “100 for 2023", that summarized them as: “Doom-ridden noise punk that sounds like Trent Reznor’s been on the Guinness”.


Crouch was founded somewhere around 2021 when Levy Seynaeve and Wim Coppers decided the world needed a good, slow heavy band. After working together on 4 Wiegedood albums, it quickly became clear that the songwriting mojo also translated when composing Crouch songs. They found a great bass player in Jasper Hollevoet, who earned his stripes in Siem Reap and Ventilator. Crouch was born and is ready to take over. Get swept away by their rugged post-metal sound featuring heavily distorted riffs, complex melodies, inventive rhythmic patterns and melancholic passages.

Neighbours Burning Neighbours

Sloppy math-rock for the masses. Steady contributors to the Rotterdam music-scene and the noise/shoegaze genre, the members of Neighbours Burning Neighbours organically gravitated towards each other early 2018 and quickly became popular in the international underground music scene. From four different perspectives comes an unapologetic sound filled with unexpected structures and dynamics - with vocals that shoot back and forth vigorously and arrangements that effortlessly switch between melancholic post-punk and threatening noise rock. A distorted, sultry sonic mix, that twists and turns and is as explosive as it is harmonious. Their first album is set to be released next year, but you can already catch a glimpse of them at Hit The City festival.


DITZ create forward-thinking noise rock/post-punk which features vast arrays of pedal effects with influences from 80s and 90s post-hardcore and noise rock. Since the release of their debut album ‘The Great Regression’ in 2022, they have become known for their ferocious liveshows. We’re talking playing festivals less than 24 hours after the drummer dislocated his shoulder, jumped into lakes mid-set and has had the French police shut down their Paris instore due to noise complaints. DITZ is both an assault to the senses as it is one of the most interesting bands of the current UK punk scene.

Bad Breeding

Stevenage based, Bad Breeding, call for solidarity with their fourth album ‘Human Capital’, a pointed and brutal display of aggression steeped in political awareness. Across twelve merciless anarchopunk inspired tracks they attack Conservative meritocracy and the exploitative forces of late capitalism with a cacophony of blistering guitars and thunderous drums played with an intensity that refuses to abate.