Neighbours Burning Neighbours

Sloppy math-rock for the masses. Steady contributors to the Rotterdam music-scene and the noise/shoegaze genre, the members of Neighbours Burning Neighbours organically gravitated towards each other early 2018 and quickly became popular in the international underground music scene. From four different perspectives comes an unapologetic sound filled with unexpected structures and dynamics - with vocals that shoot back and forth vigorously and arrangements that effortlessly switch between melancholic post-punk and threatening noise rock. A distorted, sultry sonic mix, that twists and turns and is as explosive as it is harmonious. Their first album is set to be released next year, but you can already catch a glimpse of them at Hit The City festival.


DITZ create forward-thinking noise rock/post-punk which features vast arrays of pedal effects with influences from 80s and 90s post-hardcore and noise rock. Since the release of their debut album ‘The Great Regression’ in 2022, they have become known for their ferocious liveshows. We’re talking playing festivals less than 24 hours after the drummer dislocated his shoulder, jumped into lakes mid-set and has had the French police shut down their Paris instore due to noise complaints. DITZ is both an assault to the senses as it is one of the most interesting bands of the current UK punk scene.

Bad Breeding

Stevenage based, Bad Breeding, call for solidarity with their fourth album ‘Human Capital’, a pointed and brutal display of aggression steeped in political awareness. Across twelve merciless anarchopunk inspired tracks they attack Conservative meritocracy and the exploitative forces of late capitalism with a cacophony of blistering guitars and thunderous drums played with an intensity that refuses to abate.


Don’t mistake Hammok for peace and quiet just because of their name. This Norwegian trio brings an alternative and aggressive mix of post-hardcore, math- and post-punk, alternative metal and noise rock, all the while drawing influences from hip-hop and autotuned pop in their intriguing ambition for experiment. Moshpits guaranteed? We sure think so.