Maria Iskariot

Maria Iskariot is the patron saint of questionable behavior. It's semi-mature female punk rock from Belgium. Hopeful hopelessness in noisy verse, chorus, verse. Love for the unloved, figs after Easter, but primarily a genuflection to the sinners. The songs deal with growing up, no longer being able to distinguish between good and bad, being confused by oneself and the conditions of these times. It's about wanting to be different but not knowing how - and ultimately realizing that we ourselves are benevolent assholes.


Bowl brings post-punk with spoken vocals and garage rock or indie influences, offering a sound that's both mosh-worthy and danceable, yet equally enjoyable for a home listen. With their sharp and socially conscious lyrics, disorienting riffs, and gripping hooks, accompanied by solid drums and bass, they bring a massive energy wherever they play. Their songs delve into the experience of coming of age amidst the tumultuous crises of today, sparking meaningful conversations on topics like toxic masculinity. Guaranteed to get you off your feet just to knock you down again. 


A cigarette is something you casually toss aside or crush underfoot after deriving pleasure from it. Short drags, long pulls, deep into your lungs and your brain. Then it's onto the ground, off to chase the next rush. Coincidentally, that's also how you can describe the music of Peuk (Dutch for cigarette). This three piece enjoys laying a layer of tar on your soul and is as addictive to listen to as nicotine. Think Hole, think Pixies, think Sonic Youth, think The Breeders.

Vals Alarm

Listen to Vals Alarm once, and there's no turning back. They quickly burst onto the scene, playing in one of the most cramped venues in the Netherlands, and were immediately booked for festivals like Misty Fields, Grasnapolsky, and Best Kept Secret. With the pounding drums of Bram Kniest (known from Go Back To The Zoo) and frontwoman Yanna delivering hard-hitting messages backed by a backing track, they offer energetic punk with a pop attitude. Easily the guitar revelation of the year, for fans of Amyl & The Sniffers, Priests, or Lambrini Girls.


Durry is a duo consisting of songwriter Austin - a millennial - and his sister Taryn, a Gen-Z. By joining forces, they show just how much the neighboring generations have in common. The immediate result of their musical partnership was the pop-punk/alternative anthem 'Who’s Laughing Now', which leads with wry, tongue-in-cheek lyrics about the futility of young adulthood. After posting an unfinished version of it on TikTok, it swiftly took off, galvanizing thousands of viewers who shared their coming-of-age frustrations. Invoking alternative, pop, and pop-punk influences such as Weezer, Sum 41, the White Stripes, and the Killers, their album Suburban Legend (2023), contains songs packed with energy, gumption, and razor-sharp lyricism that explores themes around suburbia, capitalism, mundanity, ambition, perseverance, passion, mental health — and Taco Bell. Regardless of where you are in life — city or suburbs, school or work, or pursuing a creative dream of your own — Durry will meet you there with a wink and a high five.


After building their sound in their shared house in Bristol, Knives have taken a noisy leap into the UK alternative circuit. They have thrived playing shows alongside flagship punk bands such as Mclusky, CLT DRP, Tokyo Horror, LIFE and Enola Gay. The band invites you to embrace the fury with their explosive EP What We See In Their Eyes (2024). From addressing the ongoing challenge of homophobia and queerbaiting within the music industry, to delving into the core of punk and its accompanying hypocrisy, Knives urges listeners to join them in confronting those they oppose. Fueled by powerful basslines, gritty riffing, and vocalist Jay Schottlander’s unique, venomous shouts reminiscent of a punk town crier, their EP amalgamates elements of post-punk, hardcore, rap and noise into an electrifying blend that sparks most-pit inducing euphoria.


In the briefest of descriptions, Snõõper is a band who, in a 33 1/3 rpm world, make 45 rpm music they play at 78 and it completely works. Even at this incredible speed, Snõõper (the kinetic duo of musician Connor Cummins and visual/video artist, Blair Tramel) is super precise instrumentally and skillfully melodic vocally, even though, again, they’re flooring it almost the entire time. The overall effect is a megadose of extremely cool and unique songs that while at the speed of tomorrow, would lose their overwhelming fun factor if played any differently. Featuring one of the wildest liveshows out there, as well as the most promising punk debut in decades.


Meltheads is a young band originating from Antwerp, with loads of talent and as much drive and swagger. Propelled by the metronomically tight rhythm section of Tim Penseart (bass) and Simon de Geus (drum), and fueled by the sharp and virtuoso guitar of Yunas de Proost. With frontman Sietse Willems as the glowing center, who resembles the incarnate bastard of Jim Morrison's charisma, Robert Plant's sex appeal and Iggy Pop's fury. No wonder the band storms every stage and plays every show like it's their last. Meltheads brings you infectious garage, smart post-punk and (cold) wave indebted to The Chats, Amyl and the Sniffers, Gang of Four and Wire.


After releasing two acclaimed EPs and building a fearsome live reputation, SPRINTS’ debut album ‘Letter To Self’ is out there and not to be missed. Inspired by Savages, their sound matured into energetic and abrasive garage-punk, synthesising influences ranging from early Pixies, Bauhaus, Siouxsie Sioux, IDLES and LCD Soundsystem. The album is exhibiting their most vulnerable moments and imbuing their visceral garage-punk with a palpable sense of catharsis that we can all benefit from. As singer, guitarist and lead-songwriter Karla Chubb tackles her inner turmoil head-on, and uses her platform to address inequality and issues close to her heart. Women’s ongoing fight for bodily autonomy, struggles with self acceptance, identity, mental health struggles, sexuality and catholic guilt for example.


This Salisbury-based genre-bending band was formed in a small English pub in late 2021. From indie rock to post-punk to hip-hop with electronic elements; they bring energetic, unpredictable live shows. Their music is all about living for the weekend, desperate chaos of the nightlife in a small town and forgetting what happened last night. Fans from Blur and The Streets, don’t miss out!