Kaboutertje Putlucht

Kaboutertje Putlucht makes music like a highway toilet in the south of France. Lyrics that come straight from the shower drain. Ready to smell? Kaboutertje Putlucht is the remedy for all those freshly washed sounds. Dirty riffs, a bit of wave, pinch of rave and most of all, a lot of dancing. Arms in the air and smell those armpits!

Chibi Ichigo

Chibi Ichigo aka Sabina Nurijeva is a young Dutch - Russian singing and rapping talent on electronic uplifting music. She lives in Brussels and goes by the Japanese stage name Chibi Ichigo ("little strawberry"). At a young age, she’s already an emerging talent in the Belgian hip-hop scene and full of self-confidence and versatility. Dance beats with a hip-hop vibe, melancholic melodies mixed with upfront energy, and a charming persona; try to catch her live at Hit The City!