Hit The City festival tips from Effenaar

Hit The City festival tips from Effenaar

This weekend, free city festival Hit The City will take over the city centre! Discover the most promising acts of the moment at 11 cool live venues from 19 – 21 October. Thursday the festival will be kicked off by Dutch hip-hop greatness, Sticks and sor in Effenaar. And on Friday and Saturday, you can enjoy over 60 performances, from Naaz, Alex Vargas, Nusantara Beat, Lander & Adriaan, DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson, Reanny, Hak Baker, Deijuvhs and many more. That means you have some choosing to do! Already having sleepless nights? Our music fanatics are here to help you out with their tips!

Tip from Hit The City-programmer and Friendly Fire-booker Elvin: Bawo


Fr 20 Oct, 21:00 h | Effenaar Kleine Zaal

Bawo is a rapper from West London who mixes grime, soul and garage. Interesting own sound and a warm clear voice. I expect to hear a lot from him in the coming years. Bawo touches me with his combination of a characteristic voice, to-the-point lyrics and interesting production choices (usually in collaboration with Oscar #worldpeace). This comes together nicely on ”Stay Close” – the last track from his debut album.

Tip from Hit The City-programmer and Friendly Fire-booker Elvin: Mon Rovîa

Mon Rovîa

Sa 21 Oct, 22:15 h | De Rozenknop

Music sometimes touches you on a deeper level when you know the story behind the artist and Mon’s story is special. An ex-child soldier from Liberia and fortunately able to flee from it through missionaries. After that he lived all over the world and finally landed in Tennessee, where he started making beautiful folk. He describes it best: “My music in a nutshell is a culmination of these experiences blended with the empathy I feel for the experiences with others. The mission of my music is to heal with others — with every nation and tongue, in due time.” Very happy that we can welcome him in De Rozenknop!

Tip from Hit The City-programmer and Friendly Fire-booker Pien: Chartreuse


Sa 21 Oct, 21:30 h | Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

Chartreuse is an English rock band from The Black Country, England. The area – close to Birmingham – was one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution. Either the 9-meter-thick coal seam close to the surface, or the mix of coal mills, glass mills, and steel mills that produced high levels of soot and air pollution in the air at the time, led to the area’s name. When you hear the music of Chartreuse you also hear the darkness and gloom of that environment. At the same time, this band makes very warm, intimate and brooding songs that, according to the band members, also function as personal therapy. For lovers of King Krule – like me – an absolute must see. In addition, I would also like to tip the Dutch artists The Indien and Droom Dit. Two very nice Dutch bands of which I expect a lot from in the coming year.

Tip from Hit The City & Effenaar-programmer Robert: Porcelain id

Porcelain id

Fr 20 Oct, 21:30 h | De Rozenknop

Porcelain id from Antwerp gives an intense performance. The musical alter ego of Rwandan Hubert Tuyishime (23, them/their) once started from folk, but they continue with a more electronic and dark elusive music that touches the grounds of hip hop and indie pop. As a laureate of Sound Track 2021-2022, they were crowned as a musical promise, praised by the jury for their powerful lyrics, strong voice and unique performance. Moving between poetic and idiosyncratic vocals, with influences from classic pop and lo-fi, their authentic songs expose raw nerves.

Tip from Hit The City & Effenaar-programmer Robert: Lander & Adriaan

Lander & Adriaan

Sa 21 Oct, 00:30-01:15 h | Dynamo Main

The Belgian rave jazz duo Lander & Adriaan play in the middle of the audience. Bizarrely virtuoso musicians who combine rousing 90’s rave synts with jazz breaks and less obvious chord progressions. Incredibly cool and a once in a lifetime experience!

Marketer Koen tips: Hak Baker

Hak Baker

Fr 20 Oct, 22:15 h | Effenaar Kleine Zaal

A few years ago, Hak Baker appeared on my radar after a friend told me about this artist. At the time, his project ‘Babylon’ (2020) had just been released, with ‘PC Plod’ and ‘Venezuela Riddim’ as my personal favourites. Recently the new G-Folk album, called ‘Worlds End FM’, was released and now Hak is also on Hit The City. What I like about Hak Baker is that he seems to be in control; from creating his own (sub)genre to various collaborations with acts such as Rudimental, The Streets or p-rallel.

Tip from marketer Renia: DITZ


Fr 20 Oct, 23:30 h | The Jack

Grab the bio of DITZ and you will read: “they played festivals in less than 24 hours after the drummer dislocated his shoulder, jumped into the water during a set and were stopped by the French police during their in-store show due to noise complaints”. And that’s exactly what it sounds like: a blistering assault to your senses with the furious combination of noise rock/post-punk, 80s and 90s post-hardcore influences and poetic lyrics on themes such as gender, insecurity and queerness. Angry music about anything you can be angry about, such as homophobia on the sports field. If you’re not convinced yet, take it from IDLES’ Joe Talbot: “DITZ is the best band in Brighton, if not the world”.

Tip from marketer Nini: Yaro Mila

Yaro Mila

Sa 21 Oct, 20:45 h | Blue Collar Hotel

I saw Yaro Mila live during Popronde where she created a party, even in a bookstore. The singing with her band, her cool attitude and cool style – which is artsy with a punk edge – she really captivated the audience. I’m excited to see how she will make a lasting impression this time. It is guaranteed to be an evening of dancing to her avant-garde (hyper)pop.

Tip from marketer Lotte: Anna-Rose Clayton

Anna-Rose Clayton

Sa 21 Oct, 23:00 h | PopEi

Fans of Anne-Marie, Remi Wolf and Olivia Rodrigo: pay attention! This up-and-coming electropop talent knows how to create an infectious, danceable sound that keeps playing in your head. She previously starred as a support act of Kae Tempest and Carly Rae Jepsen and last year her first EP ”When I Call My Friends” was released. Tip from me: make sure to call your friends for this gig, because Anna-Rose will definitely get the sun shining in PopEi.

Tip from Effenaar-programmer Marco: Hammok


Sa 21 Oct, 23:30 h | The Jack

Go to The Jack, where Hammok plays. It could be the last time you can admire Café The Jack in its current state, because the Norwegian trio is going to trash that place with its inventive hardcore punk. I saw the band at Eurosonic, where the guitarist stagedived to the bar to get a beer. That in itself is not so cool, but he didn’t miss a note, and that’s pure craftsmanship.