Porcelain id

Rwandan artist Porcelain id, aka Hubert Tuyishime, burst onto the scene in 2020 with a unique blend of raw vocals and emotional depth. They effortlessly switch between Dutch and English, crafting lyrics about identity, gender, and racism. Influenced by artists like Destroyer, Bon Iver, and Daniel Johnston, their music has made them a standout talent in Belgium. While their debut ‘Mango’ was a concept EP about queerness, police brutality and identity, follow-up ‘Reprise’ is an intimate and poetic state of affairs. The lo-fi sound has been replaced by breathtaking minimalism. It’s highlight? Vlaanderen, a heartfelt gospel song sung in Porcelain id’s Flemish accent and a poignant ode to life’s struggles, echoing their own childhood challenges as a black and queer individual.



October 20 (Fri)


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