Unfortunately, Guusje had to cancel his performance in PopEi due to health reasons.

Guusje is the pseudonym of 28-year-old singer-songwriter Guus Mulder. Hailing from Groningen, he released his debut album Songs About Girls last year under Universal Music and has performed as an opening act for artists such as Racoon, Bazart, and Roxeanne Hazes. His second album, Stay Here a Little Longer, emerges from a challenging period of burnout. While this phase deeply impacted his life, it also proved to be fertile ground for crafting new material. The distinct blend of candid and incisive coming-of-age narratives, touching on significant themes and combined with vibrant pop and straightforward melodies, holds the potential to resonate with all age groups. These compositions swiftly seize attention, embed themselves within, and remain irresistibly hummable. Guusje encapsulates a warm, distinct, and contemporary alt-pop sound.



October 21 (Sat)



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